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9 Jul

Insta Interview: Miss Berlyn Presley

Meet 5 year old Miss Berlyn Presley. She is a wild dreamer and definitely has a personality of her own. Just one look at her Instagram and you can tell she is a free-spirit with a passion for fun and art. Come take a journey with us as we get to know this little spitfire and her mom even better. Watch out world - here comes Miss Berlyn Presley! Q. Who is @missberlynpressley?  A.  Berlyn Presley is obsessed with music and if she has any type of twirling dress on, she will twirl to her hearts desire. Painting or coloring is her next passion. She is very artsy, I do believe she will be an artist of some type when she gets older. Q....
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30 Jun

Ha Ha Not So Much

There is an epidemic spreading across the nation amongst parents of preteens. It is a serious issue that no one discusses. Be it shame, or embarrassment or an inability to vocalize it, no one knows. I have decided to no longer be a victim and speak out. I am a parent of a 9 year old and I am no longer funny. I know, I was surprised too. I mean, as a Mom we lose many things along the way…hot meals, me time, private potty breaks, our toned bodies, but I thought the one thing I had been successful in maintaining was my humor.  The incessant eye rolls from my daughter beg to differ. When did this happen? I think it was...
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18 Jun

Talented Dancer Insta Interview

We couldn't have picked a more inspiring and talented little girl to be featured in this weeks Insta Interview. @whitneydawndance first caught our eye with her beautiful dance moves and fun fashion sense. After interviewing her, we couldn't be more impressed to showcase this beauty inside and out. Such a truly amazing 8 year old. Q.) Tell us about Whitney. How old are you? Where do you live? A.) My name is Whitney. I am 8 years old and live in sunny California. I was born in February and have 2 younger sisters; my sister, Madison is 5 and my youngest sister, Scarlett is 3. Q.) When did you start dancing and how do you stay positive in such a competitive world? A.) I took a...
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8 Jun

Insta Interview: Bowie X James Spotlight

We recently interviewed one of the co-founders of BOWIE X JAMES, one of our favorite swimwear brands. Karin Trevino is one of four moms who launched this incredible brand.  These moms were inspired to design swimwear that reflects each of their daughter's unique, stylish and caring personalities. Rooted in Southern California beach lifestyle, BOWIE X JAMES bikinis are meant to be mixed but not to match, and many of their styles have reversible bottoms for maximum usage with adjustable side bottoms to fit your growing babe. WE LOVE THEM and know you will too! Q. What is the premise behind the Bowie X James brand? A. We saw an under served niche market in girls swim and lifestyle apparel.  My friends/partners and I, all moms to...
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12 May

Insta Interview: Boy He’s Got Style

We continue to love our mini-fashion models. They are constantly providing inspiration and style to the world of fashion. We would be remiss if we didn't share this interview with 4 year old Roalmi Bunaj. Otherwise known as @roalmi_model, this little dynamo has 116,000 followers and growing. We loved getting the chance to know him a little more and help him inspire others. Q. Who is Roalmi? A. I live in Albania (Tirana) and I am 4 years old. Q. How did you start modeling? A. My mom says that when I was a baby I loved taking photos.  I continued to take photos and I wanted to be a model. Q. How do you pick your outfits out? Does mom pick them or you? A....
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5 May

Insta Interview: @yumisootd Fashion Dynamo

This 4 year old has an amazing sense of style and beauty inside and out to match. You may know her as @yumisootd on Instagram. We simply know her as the adorable and fashion savvy - Naomi. She currently lives in the Philippines and has 16k followers on Instagram. A model from an early age, Naomi was excited to share her passion for fashion with us. We know you're going to love this dynamo's insights into this crazy world just as  much as we do. Q. How did you start modeling? A. My mom started dressing me up and taking photos of me when I was nine months old. She used to upload my photos in her Facebook account. One year ago,...
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16 Apr

That Proud Mom Moment

Proud parenting moment - I think every parent must experience this at some point in their child's life.  For me it was as recent as a day ago. It was a beautiful day outside and the world was at the park. This is fun for the kids and sometimes a nightmare for their parents. My kids started running around and getting to know some of the other kids at the park. Like all siblings, sometimes they love each other and other times they want their space. On this particular day, my kiddos happened to be enjoying one another. My son, one and a half, is curious about everything. He is also very cautious and scared. My daughter, three and a half,...
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13 Apr

Insta Interview: @iambellagabrielle Talks Fashion

FullSizeRender (100)
Bella Gabrielle B. Landicho is from the Philippines and beyond adorable. With a large following on Instagram, Bella is making her mark on the fashion world. From whimsical and fun to frilly and sophisticated, this mini model can rock just about any style. Check out her recent interview with KidStylin for more insight into the young dynamo. Q. How did you start modeling? A. I started modeling when i was 2 yrs old. Q. How do you pick your outfits out? Does Mom pick them or you? A. My mom usually picks out my outfits but sometimes she gives me the chance to choose what I want. Q. What's your favorite fashion tip? A. Dress to inspire, comfort with style and be natural. Q. What's your favorite...
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10 Apr

DIY: Create Trendy Look-A-Likes Easily

FullSizeRender (97)
We love fashion! After all, we wouldn't be in the business of kid style if we didn't.  This season there are a ton of trends out there that you don't have to drop the big bucks on.  In fact, you can buy the essentials or recycle the old and make a few tweaks. Wallah - you have an entirely new and highly fashionable piece in your wardrobe. Below we are sharing some tips on how you can easily achieve our favorite looks for yourself or your kid for less with some simple DIY projects. Ripped Jeans and Cut-offs The key to achieving this rugged look is to find the perfect pair of jeans that fit in all the right places. If you are...
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