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26 Feb

The Popularity Of Kids Clothes

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Until recently, there was a limited range of clothing specifically suited for children. This has changed over the years, as people have become more conscious about their dressing style, and not just for adults, but kids too. This, in turn, has encouraged manufacturers to produce exclusive clothes for kids that are both fashionable and functional. Today there is a wide variety of clothes available in varying styles, sizes, and colors for children.

More and more parents want to dress their children appropriately for each and every occasion. Children tend to be more independent today and like the idea of selecting their own clothes. According to research firm Euromonitor, childrenswear is booming. 2015 sales reached a record of $135.6 billion worldwide and this accounted for 12-percent of the overall clothing market.

Social media has also had a large impact on the growth of kids wear. Fashion brands, including designer and high street brands, work close with Instagrammers and celebrities which has had a major impact on sales. The rise of social media, (Instagram in particular) has increased parents knowledge of brands and need for fashion savvy kids wear. In today’s digital age, children watch more TV and use social media at a younger age. This influences their fashion choices. It inspires them to dress like their favorite TV stars or idols. This means suppliers keep a close eye on popular trends and offer various discounts and deals on clothing to attract parents and kids to purchase items.

This rise in popularity has also evolved the fashion market for kids further. There is high demand for different choices in kids clothing for a wide variety of occasions. Thanks to this increasing modernization and popularity in the process of manufacturing clothes, we have seen a large rise in the number of clothes produced for both adults and children (sometimes matching too!)

Thanks to the wide range of choice, many people can now afford fashionable clothes for their kids. Both high street and high-end brands are producing child-specific fashion. The market has produced a variety of materials and fabrics in the market. Due to the increased demand and ever-changing lifestyle, competition has risen between producers to create the best, affordable, stylish and fashionable kids wear.

Also, since the new generation of children prefers to select their own fashion styles, producers are targeting fabrics and designs that actually appeal to kids. They keep in mind the latest trends and fashion while manufacturing new clothing for kids wear.

Fashionable kids wear is now available in high quality at a great value. Items are rigorously tested and manufacturers consider a variety of measures to ensure that their clothing meets all quality standards.

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